The length and terms of warranty on each product is set by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers require you to register your product with them with a specified time frame, please refer to the paper work included with your product. If you need assistance with a warranty claim after our return policy, please contact the manufacturer of your product. Depending on the product and the manufacturer you may be responsible for the shipping expenses of any replacement or warranty parts. If the manufacturer requires the product to be returned, you are responsible for sending the item or parts back to the manufacturer. If you ordered a product with a logo, we do not warranty the logo or paint colors used in the logo.

Remember we are not responsible for water damage caused by a fountain including but not limited to; manufacturer defects or misuse by customers. We are not responsible for damage to any area where a fountain is placed including but not limited to carpet, hardwood floors or walls or furniture. Fountains need to placed in an area that will not be affected by the water. Carefully, read all setup and maintenance instructions and inspect the fountain for any damage prior to filling the unit with water.

Aquascape Water Pumps

3 year limited warranty. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Fountain Pro Water Pumps

1 Year Manufacturer warranty. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Kasco Marine

Warranty and product registration

Adagio Water Features

Warranty document (PDF)

West Of The Wind Outdoor Canvas Art 

 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. 


Campania International, Inc. provides a limited 3 year warranty for material and manufacturing defects only assuming proper product care and maintenance as described in Campania’s product specifications. Please refer to Campania’s care instructions for proper care and maintenance. In addition to the failure to properly care for and maintain the product, this limited warranty does not apply to any defects which occur in the color or surface of the product which are the result of natural weathering, exposure to the elements or improper winterization. Campania International, Inc. will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to damage to any plants which may have been planted in the product. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Crescent Garden

Crescent Garden provides a 10 year limited warranty. In case of cracks or fades due to defective workmanship and materials during the first 10 years from the date of purchase, Crescent Garden will replace your planter with the closest current model. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges on replacements. Failure to follow directions for use, improper storage, accidents, neglect or any other hazard to the product will void the warranty. Warranty does not include any parts such as TruDrop water level indicator, screw caps and metal parts. Please be sure to hold onto your invoice as proof of purchase. 

Smart Living

1 Year limited warranty from the original date of purchase on full products bought from authorized distributors and retailers. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.


14 day return policy. Customer is responsible for shipping costs and a $5.00 restocking fee will apply. Sale items cannot be returned or refunded.

Amara Expressions

 Products are handmade and no warranty is provided.

Solo Stove

1 year manufacturer warranty against defects.