About Us

Water features and more for your favorite spaces.


The Faverly mission is to enhance people's spaces with natural elements. Add a focal point to your garden with sounds of water. Add large planters to your space to bring the beauty of foliage to your space. Add a dramatic fountain to your pond and enjoy the sight and sounds while knowing it's also supporting the health of your pond's ecosystem.

The Faverly vision is to help people integrate nature into their daily lives by extending living spaces outdoors as well as bringing nature indoors where people live (homes), work (offices), and mingle (restaurants, shopping, events).


Faverly values you. We have a small and dedicated team ready to help you find the right products for your spaces. We work with you from your very first question or order to the very end, when your package arrives to be sure you get what you need and feel supported all along the way. 

Hi! I'm Nicole.

In Summer 2020 (you know, when everyone was at home trying to make the most of the quarantine), my husband and I had a patio installed in the backyard.

I had grand visions of filling it with beautiful planters, a stunning water feature, art, and outdoor lighting. We wanted the space to be an escape from the stressors of work and life. A place for grilling, enjoying meals, and relaxing with family or a good book. 

Problem was, I had the hardest time finding what I needed to transform the new patio into this oasis I had envisioned. You may have already run into similar frustrations...

- I couldn't find planters in the sizes I needed that also looked great. 
- I couldn’t find a water feature that was good enough for my grand vision. 
- I just kept running into the same cheaply made, unattractive stuff I see all over the web and in big box stores. 
- I was seeking something different, more interesting. 

I envisioned a fountain with style and class. Planters with good looks and features like matching saucers and self-watering options. Accessories that would finish the space with warmth and personality. I couldn’t find what I needed to bring my vision to life, so...

I took ownership of a long time family business called Kinetic Fountains and renamed it to Faverly so that it could grow to meet my vision!

And I’m super excited to share it with you so that you don't have to feel the same frustrations.

Welcome to a business that cares about your grand visions.