Freight Delivery

Due to the weight and size of many large or heavy items they must be sent via independent freight or (LTL) carriers. Here are a few things to know:

  • If you require any type of special delivery for large items please let us know at the time of ordering. There may be additional charges for items such as lift-gates, special size truck, etc. We will contact you before shipping if additional charges will apply.
  • The trucking service will contact you 1-2 days before delivery to schedule the delivery time. If you make an appointment with a trucking company please be aware if you are not there to accept delivery a redelivery fee may be charged by the trucking company and will be your responsibility to pay.
  • Any reconsigning (changing of original shipping address) of shipments and any fees for this are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Please be present to sign for the delivery and inspect the item for potential damages. See "Freight Delivery Inspection and Damage Notation Process" below.
  • The delivery driver will deliver your items curbside of your home or office. They are not responsible for taking the product onto your driveway or into your home or office. Therefore, moving the item from curbside may require your assistance. You can always ask the driver to assist you and they may but they are not required. Special services are the responsibility of the customer, we do not pay for any storage fees that the trucking company may charge if you do not take immediate delivery of your item.
  • Very heavy items will require a forklift to move them from the curbside to their permanent location. You can contact a local contractor or landscaper to help you with this.
  • Please be aware that the delivery can NOT BE REFUSED for any reason. Refusal of delivery will result in customer incurring all shipping and or redelivery cost of the delivery.
  • Shipments weighing over 1,000 pounds are too heavy for a lift gate. You MUST have a forklift on site at the time of delivery to unload the item from the truck. DO NOT ORDER an item if you will be unable to supply a forklift. You can contact a local contractor, small equipment Rental Company or a landscaper to assist with the forklift. Depending on the product either a landscaper or contractor may be able to assist in setup.

Freight Delivery Inspection and Damage Notation Process

All damage must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. The customer is responsible for all replacement expenses if damages are not noted on the Bill of Lading. Read below for full details.

You must inspect your shipment for damage before the truck driver leaves. ALL NOTATIONS OF DAMAGES/PROBLEMS MUST BE MADE ON Delivery Receipt/Bill of Lading before accepting goods.

  • By default, mark the Bill of Laden at delivery "Subject to Inspection" even if the merchandise has no visible signs of damage.
  • Make notes on how the shipment arrived. Did the item arrive on a pallet (a large wooden platform) with shrink wrap around item? Were there any loose pieces? Did the carton or crate appear damaged?
  • CUT OPEN ANY SHRINK WRAPPED PALLETS AND CHECK THE NUMBER OF PIECES ON THE PALLET (look to see if the quantity corresponds with the count on the bill of lading). At the same time, check the pieces along with any crates/cartons/boxes to see if they show even the SLIGHTEST wear (even creases or bends). If so, inspect the piece to make sure it is fully intact with no chips, cracks, or any other type of damage.
  • If the driver will not wait for the pieces to be inspected, then you can must mark the Bill of Laden "Worn/Damaged Carton- Driver will not allow inspection - Possible Damage"; this must be NOTED on your copy and the driver's copy of the BOL.
  • Any damages must be noted on the Bill of Lading and you must call us immediately, while the trucking company is still there.
  • If you do not inspect it right away and notice damages after they leave, the trucking company nor Kinetic Fountains will not be liable for damages. Due to the shipping company's restrictions, we cannot process damage claims if the Bill of Laden is not marked that damage was noticed and this must be NOTED on your copy and the driver's copy of the BOL.
  • You may be required to email proof of damage in the form of digital photographs.
  • Failure to report damages immediately upon delivery or within 24 hours may result in replacement fees charged to the customer for damaged or missing components including all shipping cost.